About Us

Talk2Inspire is a website to connect and find guidance for individuals and entities alike.

Healthcare entities: At Talk2Inspire, we understand the ever changing environment of healthcare and the effects on the organizational bottom line. Our team of consultants step in, assess, identify and provide guidance when organizations need answers. We provide services to healthcare entities and C-suite executives related to COMPLIANCE, HUMAN RESOURCES, HEALTHCARE AUDITS and INVESTIGATATIONS to guide businesses to perform efficiently, effectively and in compliance with organizational policies and governmental agencies.

OPTIONS: (1) We offer consultant services, perform audits, assessments, action plans, recommendations or;

(2) We step into your organization acting as a regular team member from onboarding to exit interview and become a part of your team to perform assessments internally without your teams knowing. Once the assessment is completed within the desired time frame, we exit with no strings attached.

Remember we are professionals . . . we have seasoned executives and healthcare professionals with the experience needed to identify issues, concerns and make an impact in your healthcare organization. Our team includes: clinicians, RNs, LPNs, professionals with advanced degrees as well as the certifications required. Certifications in Healthcare Compliance, Healthcare Privacy, ACLS, BLS and PALS.

Individuals: Our team can help guide individuals searching to become the best he/she can be. We provide honest, upfront advice to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

Regardless of how small or how large the project, we are here!